At WellPhy we provide quality services using top of the line technology, whose impact encapsulates lasting cure.

Wellphy is a pain and sports clinic located in Kozhikode, Kerala, India, specializing in treating spine, musculoskeletal, and other orthopedic conditions. Our team of medical professionals includes spine surgeons, orthopedists, neurologists, psychiatrists, urologists, sports specialists, and physiotherapists. We use advanced technology and expertise to offer non-surgical treatment options, with a success rate of over 90%. Our clinic is known for excellent patient care and attracts patients from all over the state. We also offer specialized care for sports injuries and pain management, with on-site lab facilities


Our mission at WellPhy Pain & Sports Clinic is to provide high-quality, patient-centred care to individuals suffering from pain and sports-related injuries. We strive to offer the most advanced and effective treatments while minimizing the use of medication and surgery. We are committed to continuous learning and innovation to ensure that our patients receive the best care possible.


WellPhy Pain & Sports Clinic envisions a world where people can live a pain-free life and reach their full potential, physically and mentally

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Transparency breeds trust. We are your extended family and will go to any lengths to ensure your protection and provide you with optimum care. ‍

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Our integrity is built on our promise to give to the world’s best technology and procedures that shall alleviate your pain and give a new life.

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We bring you the most progressive and trustworthy technologies, after diligent research. We are continuously innovating and experimenting with the best to provide you the best.